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Gooey Cacoa Squares (Rectangles, polygons etc etc)

Sometimes you just need something gooey and sweet – the sweeter the better! Bake these delectable morsels up on a Sunday and test your willpower all week by making them … Continue reading

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Chickpea and Avocado Salad

  This is hardly rocket science but my goodness it’s yummy! A handful of chickpeas An avocado, squared Baby tomatoes A red / yellow pepper, diced Lemon juice Lots of … Continue reading

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Wholewheat Puttanesca

  Sometimes you just need pasta.  It’s a very basic craving, so here’s how to make it guilt free. Whole wheat spaghetti A handful of sundried tomatoes A handful of … Continue reading

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Healthy Vegetarian Fried Rice

  After Christmas in Thailand our children have consumed their body weight in fried rice, so I thought it was time to make it healthier.  This is really yummy and … Continue reading

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Pineapple Rice

  I normally can’t stand the thought of pineapple in anything but a sweet environment.  BUT, you have to try this.  Utterly perfect for a dinner party showstopper, what’s more … Continue reading

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Fitness Inspiration

January = a challenge! So here’s some fitness inspiration to coax you out of bed tomorrow morning: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” “Log off, shut down. … Continue reading

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“Broccoli might get stuck in your teeth but french fries get stuck on your arse”.

Love it! We’re back!  It’s January, we’ve all over indulged and it’s time to get back to the broccoli. Bring it on!    

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